Sponsorship FAQs

Does my sponsorship only support one student?

Except in cases of restricted sponsorships, we pool all of our sponsorship funds to ensure that all students have access to high quality education and holistic care.  We treat all of the students in our programs equally.

What does my sponsorship pay for? 

Sponsorship funds help cover the costs associated with educating all of the students at St Barnabas Orthodox orphanage and School. Examples include: providing three healthy meals every day; fueling our school bus that brings our students safely to and from school every day; filling our classrooms with books, art supplies, and calculators; retaining qualified and dedicated teachers, tutors, and cooks; maintaining a safe and welcoming campus; and much, much more.

Can I sponsor a child in the name of a loved one?

Yes, if you mark your donation, “this donation is in honor of somebody” – they will be notified of your gift and we will direct on-going communications to the mailing address you provide.

Can I send correspondence or gifts to the student I sponsor? 

To ensure that students without sponsors do not feel excluded, we aren’t able to accept gifts.

What is the difference between the different sponsorship giving levels?

The more you give, the greater the impact.