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Orthodox Mission Kenya - St Barnabas Orthodox Orphanage and School

У нас дети получают шанс начать жизнь осознанно, мы стремимся помочь им вырасти успешными, цельными личностями. В нашем приюте дети надежно защищены от разрушительного влияния и неблагоприятных условий жизни. Меняя судьбы детей к лучшему, мы создаем им условия для достижения высоких результатов в жизни.

(слева: 3 бездомных мальчика едят объедки среди мусора)

У вас есть шанс принять участие в этом деле. Вместе мы сможем изменить к лучшему их будущее и принести пользу своей душе.

We are keen on children’s personal development by working holistically with individual children to address their spiritual, economic, social and physical needs. We give every child a window of opportunities to get nurtured and grow into responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. You can also take part in this noble course and help push deeper the roots of our mission in the lives of these children.

The prime mission of the Archdiocese is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ by preaching and spreading the Orthodox Christian Faith throughout the nation and beyond. And to guide the Christian life of the Kenyan church and its auxiliaries according to the Orthodox Christian Faith and Traditions.

Needy children are counting on your humble contribution to support our mission. We work in Kenya’s most vulnerable areas and we can’t do it without your cordial support. You are welcome to take the compassionate move and breathe new life into the lives of these children. You can sponsor a child or donate online through our many and flexible ways of donation. We have made it easy for you.

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Help us to build Build St Barnabas Mission complex and provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare  and education to over 500 needy children.Help us help poor families who have children with Multiple disabilities by providing food to them on a monthly basis.
Come visit and volunteer at ST Barnabas orphanage and School in Kenya

Your donations help support transformative work at St Barnabas Orthodox School and Orphanage.
Donate. Get Involved.

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What we Do at St Barnabas Orthodox Mission Kenya?

Our program is deeply rooted in Christian child development and advocacy from prenatal care to leadership development for qualified young adults. The St Barnabas Orthodox Orphanage and School has widely opened its doors to all interested partners around the globe in sponsoring theses children so that we may all create a cohesive and integrated society that can pave way for their strokes of success in life.

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