Pro-life Nation of Kenya orders international abortion business Marie Stopes to ‘cease’ all abortion services

Kenyan medical authorities have banned Marie Stopes, the worldwide abortion provider, from offering any kind of abortion services.

In September 2018, Marie Stopes was instructed to desist from promoting its services via Kenyan radio networks. The advertisements being run were “drumming up” business for abortion with a direct appeal to teenage girls.

The advertisements were not only offensive, but they sought to undermine existing Kenyan law. The nation only permits abortion in the case of a threat to the life of the mother. Advertising for abortion is not permitted under Kenyan law and is also prohibited under local medical practitioner rules.

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So the breaching of the broadcast rules by Marie Stopes in September 2018 initiated an inquiry from Kenyan medical authorities. This resulted in a letter being sent on 14 November 2018 from the Kenyan Medical Practitioners Board to Marie Stopes stating that: “Marie Stopes Kenya is hereby directed to immediately cease and desist offering any form of abortion services in all its facilities within the republic.” Marie Stopes was also instructed to file a weekly report on all services rendered in its facilities for 60 days thereafter.

The medical board said it had felt compelled to act having received a number of complaints from, among others, Ann Kioko, campaign manager at the pro-life group CitizenGo Africa, and Ezekiel Mutua, Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board.

Prior to its radio advertising, in August 2018, Marie Stopes had run a Facebook campaign.

Marie Stopes is one of the biggest global abortion providers with more than 12,000 employees in 37 countries. It has operated in Kenya since 1985 running 22 facilities and 15 so-called “mobile outreach” facilities.

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The head of the government agency in charge of approving radio and film advertising, Ezekiel Mutua, welcomed the ban on Marie Stopes activity. He said the abortion supporting materials used in their advertising were “making it look cool to have an abortion”.

Significantly, Mutua accused the Obama Administration of causing moral decay in Kenya by promoting abortion.

Mutua said that under Obama, “Democrats pushed the pro-abortion view and the pro-LGBT stance on us – an agenda that is alien to our own culture.”

In contrast, the Trump administration has dealt several blows to Marie Stopes’ international abortion business. American foreign policy on the issue of abortion has changed the abortion industry worldwide. In January 2018, US President Donald Trump banned all American funding for any organizations that support or offer abortions. Under President Trump the former pressure on countries such as Kenya to accept abortion ideology and agencies has not only ceased but has been reversed.Source

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